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Hello, my name is Diego Allende. I'm a healer, friend, father, educator, and physician. It's not what I do, it's who I am. All of my life I've been a compassionate person who has sought to help others. As a young man I realized that I wanted to make not just a living but a life out of helping others. I can say that I feel blessed every day I am able to go to work and help people. As a board certified Osteopathic Physician, I've been able to help people across a broad spectrum.

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Diego Allende, D.O.

Diego Allende, D.O.

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to review Dr. Diego Allende's biography and philosophy regarding patient care. Dr. Diego Allende was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His family came to America when he was a young child and settled in the San Francisco bay area. When not at school or playing sports, Dr. Allende and his brothers worked in the family auto-body shop business growing up. "I learned the value of hard work, sacrifice, and doing things the right way,"

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"In June 2012, I decided that I needed a new doctor that would understand what I am going through with my work injury. I found Dr. Allende and finally got the help I was looking for."
"Doctor Allende is the modern embodiment of a classic doctor."
"Dr. Allende is more than a physician, he is a genuine healer. He uses conventional modalities as well as alternative therapies and nutrition. He treats and talks to his patients like friends."
"No matter what my ailment is, he always creates a tailored treatment plan to meet my specific needs. I highly recommend making Dr. Allende your go to doctor!"
"Dr. Allende changed my life. The difference is night and day. I can't recommend Dr. Allende and his staff enough"
"Dr. Allende's office manager worked tirelessly to help navigate the issues with making my insurance company understand my condition."
"From the very first visit, I knew Dr. Allende was different: so easy to talk to, so approachable. That first visit was the most thorough and educational Dr. Office visit I had ever experienced."
"My decision to call and make an appointment with Dr. Allende for a consultation, changed my life."
"I can't say enough about Dr. Diego Allende."
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific
University of South Florida
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