Do you have some extra fullness beneath your chin? Maybe it’s something you’ve had your whole life, something that developed over the years, or something you noticed recently.  Kybella is a revolutionary nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that addresses the condition known as double chin.  With this injectable medication you can eliminate moderate to severe levels of bulging skin and stubborn fat deposits below the chin, helping produce a more lifted and noticeably more attractive profile.

Kybella is an injectable medication with the active ingredient deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a metabolic byproduct of intestinal bacteria that assists in the absorption and breakdown of dietary fat. When injected into fat deposits below the chin, the active ingredient in Kybella serves to destroy existing fat cells. Ideal results may take up to six treatments, but once completed, destroyed cells will no longer be able to accumulate fat.

If you’re interested in a nonsurgical way to reduce fullness beneath your chin, Kybella may be right for you.  Kybella is a first-of-its-kind injectable treatment for adults with submental fullness that destroys fat cells under the chin to improve your profile.

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The Benefits of Kybella

  • Less self conscious
  • Improved self perception
  • Noticeably more attractive profile
  • Minimal treatments with long lasting results