Very few procedures have transformed cosmetic and anti-aging medicines as dramatically as Botox Cosmetics. This minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedure reverses the signs of aging by temporarily improving the appearance of facial wrinkles. Botox Cosmetic is a great option if you experience mild to moderate facial aging and would prefer to avoid the extensive plastic surgery associated with a facelift.

How BOTOX Cosmetic Works

Your muscles contract whenever you smile, frown, or make any other facial expression. Through this constant muscle movement, the skin becomes less elastic and draws together, resulting in the formation of wrinkles and frown lines.

When BOTOX Cosmetic is injected into your facial region, it blocks your nerve impulses from activating the muscle contractions that cause wrinkles to develop. As a result, your skin will appear relaxed and smoother.

BOTOX Cosmetic treatments are fast and virtually painless. The procedure only takes about 10 to 15 minutes, and there is virtually no recovery time.

Most patients usually see an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles within three to five days, although results will vary. The effects of your BOTOX Cosmetic treatment last approximately three to five months. With repeated treatment, you can see longer-lasting effects.

Due to the versatility of BOTOX Cosmetic, it is an effective procedure for just about anyone who would like to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, ideal candidates:

The Benefits of BOTOX

  • Reduces crow’s feet (lines in the corners of your eyes)
  • Reduces frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Reduces droopy brows
  • Reduces forehead creases
  • Reduces loose face and neck
  • Non-surgical, minimally invasive facial rejuvenation

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