Juvederm Plus/Voluma

Juvederm Plus/Voluma

 If you’re looking for an immediate and long-lasting option to reverse the signs of aging and restore a more youthful appearance, then you may want to consider Juvederm products.  Juvederm Plus and Voluma are dermal fillers used to smooth facial wrinkles and restore volume that has been lost due to aging. The loss of volume in your face is one of the main signs of aging. The amount of volume loss that occurs varies from person to person. In some cases, it can lead to significant changes in facial features, such as the loss of cheekbone definition.

Juvederm products are an injectable hyaluronic acid filler that enhances and rejuvenates your look by adding volume to the skin and restoring structure to deeper tissues. The results from are smoother and more natural looking than those produced from collagen injections.  Your entire procedure takes about 15-30 minutes and is virtually pain free. You should see your results immediately. In most instances, results for Juvederm products can last up to 6 months and patients can enjoy a more youthful look for up to 2 years.

The Benefits of Juvederm Products

  • Reduced Smile Lines
  • Reduced vertical lip lines
  • Repairing downturned mouth corners
  • Plumping cheeks
  • Smoothing eyebrow creases
  • Eliminating forehead lines
  • Smoothing nasolabial folds

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